Modern JavaScript with React

Lost in the world of frontend web development?

There is a lot to learn. And new, super useful tools come out every week. It’s easy to get caught up and believe that you have to learn all the things.

Remember: even the best developers only know a small fraction of the tools that are out there.

You don’t have to learn it all today. Focus on what matters.

Start as SIMPLE as possible

Many tutorials, guides, and starter projects out there will throw several tools in your face all at once.

But if you are learning, I recommend you build simple apps with as few dependencies as possible.

One Way to Start: A Tiny App

My approach gets you started fast with something simple. It won’t be the next killer app, but it gets you past that first hurdle fast.

If you aren’t sold yet - read about why you should build a tiny unique app.

If you need an idea, check out 8 ideas for your tiny app.

For sample code, check out my 2 example tiny apps.

What to Skip

You don’t need to learn Babel or Webpack for a while if you use create-react-app. Read my create-react-app review here.

You don’t need any flux at first. Learn about how components communicate without Flux.

You don’t need server-side rendering unless SEO is important for your site. Learn how to get away without SSR.

These tools are great - come back to them after you feel comfortable with React and JavaScript.

Then branch out with one thing at a time

Once you’ve built 1-2 sample apps, you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of what you want to learn next.

If you want to learn about bundling then switch to a more full-featured starter project from my starter project list - or follow my guide and build your own starter project.

If you want to use AJAX then read about AJAX best practices.

Large apps with many components can benefit from CSS Modules.

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